R/C Pilot Figures: Hand-Carved In Balsa From Pilot-Portraits!

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PilotPortraits© carved from balsa to look like YOU!   PilotPortraits© are unique to your likeness and individually hand-carved using your photo so that they resemble YOU and nobody else. Finally, a pilot figure that will fit within your canopy and cockpit exactly as you've always wanted it to. Each pilot is made-to-order and scaled to fit your R/C Aircraft and yours alone. Every pilot is hand-crafted by Mike Brent, a professional illustrator and fine artist. Mike is an avid radio control enthusiast and knows what you want for your R/C model aircraft. 

You've put so much into your R/C Model Airplane, now put yourself in the pilot seat!

You can have a personalized, one-of-a-kind pilot for your radio control airplane from PilotPortraits©, carved directly from light-weight balsa ...

... and it will look just like you!


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Below: 50% Pilot Portrait of Jim Webster, of Allied Dock & Door, LLC. You can contact him for all your dock & door service solutions: "One call that gets you back to business." 1-888-544-DOOR

Below: 40% Pilot Portrait of sidekick, Geoff Peterson of "The Late, Late Show with Graig Ferguson".

PilotPortraits© are carved and finished in balsa and then hand painted!

Below: Gregory Hall of Rome, GA

Above: 33% 'Ghost Rider" pilot figure.

Above: Pilot Portrait of Dave Zagwyn, Ayer, MA.  Dave's Pilot Portrait is going into the cockpit of a 1/3 scale Stearman. Check out his co-pilot, son Alex (below).



Pilot Portrait of Alex Zagwyn, co-pilot of his Dad's 1/3 Scale Stearman.

Above: Dr. Pete Bourgi of Lebanon, The Middle East, holding two of his many PilotPortraits ! Check out Pete's website by clicking here: AMAZ RC